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Qiujinns are a closed species!
Meaning you cannot make one of your own without my permission.
 I hope you understand!

 I N F O R M A T I O N

Fox Qiujinn - Is the abbreviation from
- Sphere [Chinese]
 -Djinn - Similar to demon [Arabic]
-Fox - From their joints  [English]

Fox Qiujinn do not come from one specific religion, so the meaning of their names is composed by a number of different languages.
Fox Qiujinn are demons who are capable to eat human -Memories-.
They will be usually seen in a semi-human form but they can adapt to an animal, like a tiny fox.
They hide from human eyes because of their power of opening portals. This means that is extremely difficult to see them or bumping into one of them.

They have thin and pointy ears, looking like a Fox. They're extremely long but light, around these you'll see some demon horns. They may vary from one to another.
They also possesses long-soft fur tails. In the tip of their tails there are 8 spheres floating around it.
The spheres are their live support, which consists on energy, and they vary from one to another Qiujinn.

Tails Spheres
Their tail spheres are the physical representation of their magic. A weak Qiujinn's tail spheres won't be able to glow as much as they usually do.
The spheres can be separate from each other. They can create energy shields and give them power to open portals to teleport themselves.
The color of their spheres defines their magic's nature. Water, fire, light, darkness, steel, wood, thunder, ice, mist, are some of them.

They can dominate the weapon of choice as a child, and they have the capacity of control magic since born. The use the magic in their spheres to absorb human memories. They attack when humans sleep for being vulnerable and it's easier for Qiujinns to steal them that way.
Qiujinns can also distort memories in order to make them more delicious.

What happens if they don't eat memories
They'll soon become weak and fragile, and will get sick in the worst case scenario. Their favorite memories are human ones. Memories are the best way to keep a Qiujinn healthy, they have different flavors depending on the memory they've eaten.
They can eat just once a month and be perfectly fine.

Animal Appearance

Qiujinn by YariSatsugai
-They born with tiny ears and fox-like tails that will grow up with the time. The same happens with their horns. At a adult age they'll stop growing.
-Tails will always have floating spheres.
-Qiujinns will carry weapons, they're good in their fighting style and they're also good with magic.
-They all possesses tattoos on their bellies after they were born. Those markings allows to focus their magic in that spot.
-They can levitate.

Life Span
Not immortal but they can live longer than humans. It might depend on their diet.

Their clothes vary according their occupations and preferences [religion]. Arabic, Oriental, Western Europe.

They inhabit a large archipelago hidden known as Foxainn. Are governed by a monarchy and live like one.
Their agriculture/mineria  is rich and their biggest attraction are the same quijinn.
While many Quijinn live together on Foxainn, there are different regions of the island that have varied cultures, making Foxainn a relatively diverse place to live.

- Their have a sphere on his forehead, often attributed to a species of Third Eye. They get power of clairvoyance.
- Two or more tails: There are few, usually have two or more natures magic.

  Adoptable Qiujinns Specie [CLOSED] by YariSatsugai           Adoptable Qiujinns Set 2 [Open] by YariSatsugai


I'm not claiming I own copyright of fox ears and tails, spheres or demon. I'm only responsible for creating Qiujinns 

Ask in the comments if you have any questions regarding Qiujinns!
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